Digging Deep

I enjoy simplicity. Our lives can feel complex with busy thought highways, forks in the road, and to-do lists miles long. Whether we are working in an office or stay at home moms, our lives and its demands don’t stop. For this reason I enjoy simplicity. I like to open my bible, buy a good book, or turn on a podcast and just dig deep into God’s word. It is a break from our life management position where we can replenish ourselves. It’s simple. Simple to pick up the bible, book, or headphones for music or podcast. It is the way to unplug from the world and connect to the source of our life.

I love how God speaks to us many different ways. Through worship music, reading our bibles, getting into a good book by a Christian author, or listening to podcast. I’ve mentioned this a few times, so as you can tell these are my ways of connecting to God and disconnecting from my responsibilities. Disconnecting from your responsibilities is the only way to recharge in order to tackle them later. When I don’t start my day with Christ, I feel it all day. I’m snappy, short with my children, and on edge because every little thing irritates me. When I dig deep every morning with prayer and bible reading I’m able to pause before getting frustrated. When I read one of my books from some of my fav authors I’m able to remember lessons they have learned and in turn it helps me avoid the same ones. Listening to music and podcasts give me peace and the ability to manage my role with a clear head and open heart.

Dig deep into Christ. Disconnect from your world, turn off Facebook, silence your cell phone or put it on vibrate, and reconnect to the scriptures.

Recommended Devotions

  • The Love & Respect Experience by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs- Couples’ devotion for Husband & Wife night once a week or with a couples group. Either way this is an excellent book to dig deep into your marriage and get closer.
  • Made to Crave, the devotional by Lysa Terkeurst- Women’s devotional for breakfast time start of day reading. Goes great with coffee and bible on hand.
  • The Love Dare by Stephen and Alex Kendrick- Couples’ reading material but better done alone. Great read to surprise your husband with the different activities the book encourages. Helps to think about selfless acts and measures in our marriage. I would suggest you go through the book first and watch how God blesses your husband, he may return measures by going through and completing the book himself.
  • Night Light for Couples by James & Shirley Dobson. This is a daily devotional. It is a great way to plug in with each other each night.

Recommended Reads

UNGLUED by Lysa Terkeurst

Purchase Unglued here.

This book is a staple for me. I am so glad God used Lysa to be honest and raw with her life experiences and lessons. I keep this book handy because I have major issues with my raw emotions. Raw emotions aren’t bad but I needed help with understanding my raw emotions. The tips and support in this book helped me set up scriptures, phrases, and notes to keep on my note app in the moment. Lysa talks about emotions being indicators, not dictators. My husband asks me sometimes are you a thermostat or thermometer? I’m not sure if he came up with that but regardless I think my husband is a genius and is brilliant with controlling his emotions. This book is a must read for every woman, mom, wife, sister, existing female walking the earth. Once you start taking notes from this book, you cannot stop. I would show you a picture of my copy but it has many personal comments with names of people in my life attached. I digested this ladies. I recommend you get a copy and watch the Lord speak to you, comfort you, and relieve you from your unglued moments.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.02.25 AM






REAL MARRIAGE by Mark and Grace Driscoll

Purchase Real Marriage here.

I enjoyed the honesty of this book. It covers every single topic married couples can face. If there is something this book left out, I would be incredibly surprised. Pastor Mark is very real and blunt in his chapter to men and husbands. He calls for them to man up biblically and covers why and how to do this in a godly manner. The book talks directly to women from Pastor Mark’s wife, Grace. She is very direct and guides us on the right paths as wives. Very convicting, not condemning, but convicting in a loving manner as they share their faults as a couple as well. From “Taking Out the Trash” which is a chapter about past hurt, resentment, and emotional baggage to “Can we____” the chapter that discusses in detail if married couples can have any type of sex and sexual relations they choose (I’ll let you buy the book and read the answer, but it’s a good chapter and fun for the hubbies). Pastor Mark and Grace even end the book talking about a not so favorable topic, BUT an important matter. The discussion of when we leave earth and meet Jesus, have we prepared for “The Last Day” of marriage and what we leave behind. Very, very, very good read! HIGHLY suggested to read with your husband. You have your copy, he has his copy and you meet once a week to discuss the chapter… or in a couples group like Pete and I with other couples. I cannot tell you enough how you should read this book as a newly wed, been wed, or veteran wed.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 8.31.24 PM









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