About Us

Let’s face it, it is not easy being a wife. We fall in love, get married to the man of our dreams, and then what? This blog was created for all women who are wives, soon-to-be wives, and single women who want to prepare for this amazing journey. Romans 8:28 gives us the encouragement we need as wives. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 (NIV) Marriage is a gift from God our source and for those who are called to get married, we want to strengthen those unions.

It’s about preparation, restoration, encouragement, and code… The code that every wife should keep in her pocket. Romans 8:28. This code is a reminder to us women that God has our backs. He is working all things (not some things) for good. This is not our version of good, but His good according to His purpose for those who love Him. We need this reminder and therefore it’s our code to keep with us through our journey as wives, soon-to-be wives, and to single women preparing their hearts.

Due to the fact that marriages are under attack everyday in our homes, we need to be reminded of God’s promise and our love for our spouse. With divorce rates and news of more and more couples undergoing separations it makes you want to take a stand for long-lasting marriages. I want to help restore the beauty in marriage, join me.  Now that you know the purpose of this site, let me tell you a little about me. Where to begin?

Blog Photo I left my small hometown to attend college, like many other kids. My goal was to become an attorney. Since the age of 15, I took every course and path to accomplish this goal. Through various organizations, clubs, groups, internships, and classes I was set to become an attorney. Graduated from college with a Bachelors in Pre-Law/ Legal Studies and a minor in Business. Of course I decided to pursue a Human Resources career (I know, random). Working for various companies led me to a job opportunity in Fort Lauderdale. There, I met my future husband, new church home, and a group of friends I will value the rest of my life. Meeting my husband Pete at Starbucks during one of their regular bible study gatherings changed my life. His deep wisdom in the bible, love of Christ, and the way he was continuing to pursue the Lord, made me fall in love. He was and is not perfect, but you can feel his love of Christ from the moment you meet him. I knew I wanted to be his girl. We met in March of that year, dated in June, got married in November, and had our first child by March of the next year. Now if you’ve done the math, yes we sinned but God is such a redeeming God. He turned our lives around. We could have went down a very hard road of regret. Instead of a hard road of regret, we are filled with blessings because we continued to seek Him even when we were ashamed of having sex before marriage. I found a deeper understanding of Christ through my mistakes and through that bible study at Starbucks that year. I started attending Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, going to many different bible studies, and going through Discipleship U (a series that Calvary FTL offers for new believers to learn more about Christianity doctrine, etc). It was amazing. Meeting different women from all walks of life, seeing so many young people going to church (which was new to me), along with pastors and leaders who spoke truth in a modern way. Now we have 2 beautiful children and a home that is Christ centered. I will be sharing stories, research, books, devotions, thoughts, and personal struggles with you. I’m a blogger. I say that loosely. I’m not a writer, although writers can be bloggers. I see the clear difference. I blog about my life, interests, and what’s important to me. My posts are written in the manner of which I speak. I do not focus on grammar and correct sentence structure, I try, but it does not consume me. I will fail at grammar so don’t be impressed when I construct a proper sentence perfectly. I want to make women smile, feel warm, share in each other’s triumphs and trials, and share the truth about Jesus. I love Jesus and my purpose is to share Him through my experiences and growth. ~Ashli Rouw 💜

Ashley Seale's pic My name is Ashley Seale and I’m married to my very best friend Josh. We have been married for 7 years this year (let me process that real quick, it’s gone by so fast!). We have 3 wonderful children, who we adore. Josh is a local police officer, and you will probably hear me speak of how gorgeous he is in uniform, quite a bit. I love my man in uniform! Being a police officer’s wife isn’t the easiest life. It takes a lot of prayer, and a lot of patience. Patience is something I lack. We constantly butt heads over his work schedule, time management, and the kids. You see I’m a planner, and I tend to get upset when things don’t go as planned. I tend to forget through my own selfishness that when he comes home late from a day of dealing with criminals, alcoholics, drug addicts, sex offenders, etc., that he needs his time to wind down. He needs to regroup before he jumps into family mode. But I am selfish, I expect him to come in and take over the girls so I can have 5 minutes of sanity. But I am thankful that despite my selfishness, I found a man that loves to make me happy. I grew up in Canada with parents who were divorced.  I was not raised in a Christian home. My mother took me to a Catholic church as a child, but we never lived a life where our Savior was the center of our focus. That is not to bash my mother or say she raised me wrong, because she didn’t, she always did what she felt was right, and sacrificed a lot. She was truly the only stability I had growing up and for that I will forever be eternally grateful. My mother stayed single for the first 10 years of my life. She remarried a kind and patient man. I thank God everyday she found someone who could not only put up with her drama and quirks, but who was able to give me some semblance of what a real marriage should be like. I feel that by knowing my background and sharing my growth, maybe someone can learn from my story. Maybe someone can grow in fellowship with Christ, as a wife, from the things I share. I am a Child of the King! I’m an over achiever and will push myself to the brink. I never lack in anything to say, so blogging is a great outlet. I love Christ. I love watching the works of Christ in people’s lives, whether they grew up with Him or found Him later. He’s a miracle worker and the key holder to my heart! ~Ashley Seale 💛


My name is Anikia and I am a newlywed as of February 2015. When entering into this glorious covenant, I wanted to make sure my husband and I were staying true to what God intended marriage to be. I have gotten so much inspiration and encouragement along those lines from the wonderful ladies in WifeCode828, so I was ecstatic when they asked me to join the blog! 
I’m from Kingston, Jamaica, but now live in the US with my wonderful army brat husband. We met in medical school in Durham, NC (Go DUKE!), but will be training in the Pacific Northwest. I hope to share the lessons we learn along the way as newlyweds and hopefully inspire some of you veterans to recapture the spontaneity you knew as newlyweds. Cheers! ~Niki Nelson💚