Loyal Employee

Everyone talks about being prosperous in a new year. We discuss how our new plans will set our path to make this year better than the last year. It’s great to all of those things. But without faithfulness to God, it’s all for nothing.

Our marriages need to be faithful to God in 2016. God’s word clearly speaks of those who prosper and those who fail. The bible covers people’s life stories, the families, the towns, and even the country of those who were committed, loyal, faithful to God and their outcome. Marriage, in many ways, is like a business. You have to set core values, have meetings, make plans for the near and distant future, be aware those plans may fail, always look for growth, and you must have loyal committed employees. In many ways marriage is not like a business and we certainly don’t want to treat marriage exactly like a business, but stay with me on the ways it can resemble a business.

Setting core values is placing priority on your faith. These values set the tone of your home and marriage. It’s what you commit to follow and use as a guideline in your marriage. These values need to come from the Lord. In order for you to set such values, you must know God. The only way to know God is to have a committed relationship with Him.

Meetings in the business world can be very boring. Meetings for your marriage do not have to be boring. The financial meetings may be boring, they are for me, but they are still necessary for the future of our institution. We must meet on all areas of life. The meetings don’t need to be daily, or even weekly. The frequency is up to you and your husband. I would say that monthly meetings should be minimum requirement, because investing in your marriage takes time. Getting together to talk, pray, connect, date, and be intimate are all necessary investments for your marriage. God needs to be present in these meetings. Pray first, make the prayers true, sincere, and honest prayers. After all, God is the CEO. More about prayer next week!

Making plans helps set the course or direction of your marriage and family. I love Proverbs 3:5,6 as it talks about making your path straight. As well as Jeremiah 29:11 God has plans to make us prosper. So we should make plans that glorify God, help strength our marriage, and supports the growth of our family. But do not get stuck or hard-driven on the plans you make. God is the Captain of the ship remember, so if He sets your paths in a different direction for awhile, don’t lose faith or hope. It is in those times we must cling to Him even more. Remember His promises, have them written in your room on post-its or next to plans you make as a couple.

Growth opportunities help disciple us. They shape us into who He wants us to be, rather than who we or the world thinks we should be. Growth opportunities can be marital arguments, trials of the family, tests of your spirit, volunteering for the community or church, be ministered to by someone more wiser, or opportunities to give and be selfless. The list goes on and on. Look for the growth opportunities. Your perspective of the circumstance can shape the outcome. How you view the world can bring Jesus to others. How you conduct your life, or praise your husband, or view a sour situation, can show the truth of Jesus to others. How you place high value on your marriage and your spouse shows the world what God is teaching you. It can bring someone to Christ just in the manner of which you handled a bad situation. How you chose not to gossip may intrigue others about the Christ you speak about.

Loyal committed employees are a business’s dream. There is so much comfort and peace when owners of a business have loyal employees. They sleep at night better, they offer more responsibilities, promotions, high praise and value is put into loyal employees. Think about the trust that is given to valued loyal employees, and vice versa to the owner. A relationship that has established full commitment to one another and trust, is a relationship that is worth more than treasure on earth. The same goes for our relationship with God. God is the owner of our marriage or “business.” In order to trust God, we have to Know Him. You don’t trust people you don’t know. In order to commit to God you have to have a deep, loyal relationship with Him. No one places commitment with someone they don’t value. If you don’t value it, you won’t be loyal to it. Your marriage, your husband and yourself, must place deep value in God. So many times we don’t trust God with our problems or we just want to do it our way. That means we don’t know Him enough to see what He has already done in our life. That means we haven’t spent time in His word to accept His promises, and see them come to life in our own lives. Be loyal and faithful to the Lord.

Build that necessary relationship of trust, value, respect and commitment to Him. Be loyal. The steady consistent relationship with God, is the most prosperous one.

We’ll be looking at the below scriptures this week:

  • Isaiah 8:13
  • 2 Chronicles 16:9
  • Deuteronomy 29:9
  • Luke 16:10-11
  • 1 Corinthians 4:2

Have a blessed week ladies!

💜Ashli R.

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