So be careful…

“So be careful not to break the covenant the Lord your God has made with you. Do not make idols of any shape or form, for the Lord your God has forbidden this.” (Deuteronomy 4:23 NLT)

Hello ladies! It has been entirely too long since I’ve made a post.  I hope you are all having a great summer. To say mine has been eventful, is an understatement. At the beginning of May, my youngest daughter and my oldest daughter were playing, and somehow in their little routine wrestling match, my oldest rolled my youngest daughter’s leg and it fractured. So she was casted up for a good 7 weeks and we were pretty much homebound. In that process, she caught her 3rd ear infection which further led us to an ENT, where we learned she would need to have her tonsils and adenoids out at the end of July. Somewhere in there, I got my approval letter for the Respiratory Therapy program and I’ve been using every available second to get ready for that. After cast removal we’ve spent every available day in the water. I don’t know how many of y’all are familiar with Panama City, FL, but the weather in this town is absolutely insane in the summer. It’s so bloody hot. You could cook an egg before it hit the pavement. It’s been miserably humid and rightfully that causes us to want to swim and work on our little tans. The end of July hit, and my sweet baby had her surgery and we spent the night in the hospital. She’s healing very well and still her crazy self. The glory of her healing, can only go to my most gracious King! 

So in the midst of this crazy summer, I came to a conclusion that I’d completely put my once a week or every other week with God on hold. I wasn’t writing for the blog, which is something I truly enjoy doing. I love the research, the writing, the editing, having my husband read my posts, getting excited over how many wives will read it and relate. Always hopeful someone will use the wisdom I prayed about, to strengthen their relationship with Christ and their marriage. I completely put God on the back burner and let life get in the way. I have no one but myself to blame. But, the enemy loves to provide distractions and thoughts where you promise yourself you’ll “do it tomorrow” and then never do. Well, as of right now that’s coming to a halt.
So doing all of that, I got to thinking. How often do we as believers and wives neglect to include the Lord in our marriages when life is just hectic, and crazy, and you seem to never have a moment to yourself? I can truthfully say, that the last 2 months I have neglected to include God. I have neglected to let the Lord be the top leader in my marriage. For a while, I felt like my marriage was going through some crazy season that I just couldn’t control, or get out of. See, when I’m not letting the Lord do His will, I tend to want to be the controller. I should know when those tendencies arise that I am neglecting who I need most in my hectic life moments. It took a good conversation and being held accountable in Christ, by my sweet friend Ashli, to remind me of letting God do the work. I didn’t have to do it all by myself. Letting the Lord change and shape my marriage through constant prayer and devotion is what I needed. I didn’t need to control my marriage. Ever since that conversation I’ve just been back to letting Jesus be the controller. NOT ME! And it’s just been so refreshing. 
While going through all this, Deuteronomy 4:23 came to my mind:
“So watch yourselves, that you do not forget the covenant of the LORD your God which He made with you, and make for yourselves a graven image in the form of anything against which the LORD your God has commanded you.” (NASB)

Isn’t that what we do when we forget about the promises God made? Are we not allowing life to become an “idol”? If we are too busy focusing on life and what it has to offer we aren’t putting God before our life. Or how we, alone, can improve our marriage. We aren’t putting God as the one to improve our marriage, we are trying to do it ourselves. 

We need to be careful not to put God on the back burner. Not only does it damage our fellowship with Him, but it also opens the door for the enemy to poke at our marriages and damage them. The enemy wants nothing more than for marriages to conform to the society he is trying to build. Society is filled with idols, so we don’t want our marriages conforming to societal views. Do not make idols the Lord says, of any kind. Do not stray. The enemy cannot win in your marriage when you hold strong to God’s promises and remember His covenant. Remind yourself of these things when you are putting things before God. When we are rushing out the door, choosing to get things done first, or picking social media over time with God. We must be careful. We have to let Him take reign in our lives. He must reign as first priority, even when your kids are sick and injured, you have a mile long to-do list, and husband complaints. Don’t put the Lord on the back burner. Put Him in the forefront and trust in Him. So be careful.

Until next time,  💛Ashley S.

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