Meaningful Love

“May the name of the God of Jacob keep you safe from all harm.” (Psalm 20:1 NLT)

Meaningful love. Endless love. I’ve been thinking of those words often. Meaningful means it has value or importance. Endless means it has no close or limit. Our marriages need to be meaningful and endless. On that note, I don’t think we pray enough as wives. When something is important I should be praying about it, right? Truly. Be honest. How often do you pray for your marriage, spouse, & yourself in relation to your marriage? Once a week? Sundays? Only when there are issues? I pray once a week for my husband specifically. I pray for his health, mind, soul, spirit, body, job, protection, thoughts, etc. But once a week isn’t enough. Before issues happen, before there is an argument, I think we should be praying. Should we be on our knees 5 times a day?  Maybe. Maybe more than 5 times a day. Did you know we don’t have to be on our knees to pray? We simply need cleared thoughts on the Father and have open communication with Him, often. Our marriage desires prayers. It thrives off of prayers. Proverbs says “She makes sure her dealings are profitable…” How do we ensure our dealings are profitable? We pray.

Women talk to me about their marriages, and I love it. It makes me feel trusted and I get to use whatever the Lord has given me as advice to them. Also it creates another person or cause to pray about when I go to the Father. What I find in my own life and in other’s lives is that we don’t pray enough. We really don’t pray specifically. When someone is sick, we are all hands on deck covering that person with prayers and scriptures. But when our husbands need change or redirection, are we all hands on deck status? It is easier to complain than to go to God in specific prayer and mean each word with all of our heart. When I have a marriage issue, I need to be talking to God about it first and listen for His instructions. Talking to godly friends is awesome and I believe God will speak through godly friends and family members. But to bypass talking to God about all matters, is to bypass the doctor and asking the receptionist for advice on an illness. Sure the receptionist can give you personal experiences that help, but the doctor is the one who can heal. 

So, I am going to have a Fervent Prayer week. Everyday this week I want to pray for my marriage and all matters relating to my husband, myself, and our marriage. Join me. Once a day, a few times a day, whenever the thought crosses your mind, pray for your marriage. Minimum, once a day. Pray like your marriage is on life support. It doesn’t mean your marriage is on life support. But the amazing protection you would be supplicating to the Father, over your marriage, would bless it. Be specific. Be earnest. You want change in yourself and your husband. Tip: Do not just pray for your husband to be transformed. Pray for your eyes and ways to be changed as well. Remember in Luke 18 the Pharisee and the Tax Collector? The Pharisee went up to pray and said how he was thankful he wasn’t a sinner like everyone else. He compared himself to people who sinned more than himself and therefore wasn’t as bad. The Tax Collector went with a humble heart, thought himself unworthy, and just begged for forgiveness for being such a sinner. Jesus says the Tax Collector went home justified before God, not the Pharisee. Remember the plank in your own eyes before condemning the speck in your neighbor’s eye (Matthew 7:3-5). So, seek for God to change you, then your husband, and be ever so specific. 

Meaningful love endures a lot. It has to be tested so that we see the value and the importance. Some people learn this lesson after the love has been lost. You can find lost love but why get to that point? Pray now. Pray hard. Don’t sit around a wish it was different, wish he would change, and wish for a new life. Jesus is the ultimate healer. You don’t need wishes from a genie. Call on Him who heals. Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who heals. “He reveals deep and hidden things…” Daniel 2:22 NIV, call on Him who reveals. Amen?

Have a blessed week and let’s be praying together every day this week for our own marriage. 

💜 Ashli

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