Valentine’s Day Everyday

“Love must be sincere…” (Romans 12:9)

If only everyday could be Valentine’s Day? I pray you all enjoyed the holiday, basking in the joy of love. I hope you felt blissful sincere love from your husband, and you showed him that same love. But everyday cannot be Valentine’s Day, sadly. Hallmark and candy manufacturers would love it, if it were everyday. But I’m sure our budgets are grateful Valentine’s Day is once a year. We cannot have the candy and tokens everyday, but we can show the love we celebrate on Valentine’s Day, everyday.

Last week Monday I broke my phone. I dropped it. Now this may seem simple to you but to my husband it is the 2nd iPhone I’ve broken in 2015. It is the umpteenth iPhone I’ve needed replaced since we got married. Needless to say I was very worried and scared to tell him about the 2nd phone that broke. I started crying and beating myself up. I remembered Proverbs 31 how a wife should seek ways to better her husband and home. All I felt, was that I hold us back. The enemy was lying to me, telling me my husband will leave me for a better wife, he will want a divorce, and that I don’t deserve him. All those thoughts happened in a few moments. I feared telling him, I feared his lecture, I feared his disapproving glare he gives without saying a word. I knew I deserved all those thing too. I deserved the fear and the lecture and the glare. I started thinking of how I could change. I was fretting over every detail that caused me to drop the phone. I wished it didn’t happen. But God is so much bigger than my thoughts. In Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation- so why should I be afraid?…” I wasn’t ready to accept forgiveness because I wanted to beat myself up until the phone was fixed.

So, I spoke with my husband. Through the many tears he was able to make out what I was saying about the phone. I was gasping because I was more broken about the situation than the phone itself. I wanted to be perfect and make him better and lift him up. These kind of things set us back for our financial goals. To replace a phone not eligible for upgrade etc. Well only through God’s grace did my husband cut me off in the middle of my self pity party, and told me “That is a lie. You make me better. You challenge me and help me grow my faith. You encourage me and take care of me. I help provide but you take care of me. You are the only wife I want…” There was more of that amazing speech, but not enough time to tell you the whole conversation. He said all the words I never expected to hear in that moment.

I needed that grace. He showed me grace and topped it with encouragement. He reaffirmed his love for me in the middle of something I know must have upset him. He had to be disappointed but he never showed it. How amazing is that? He truly motivates me. Do I show him that same grace? When he doesn’t put his work boots in the closet causing me to stub my toe on them, do I give him grace? Nope. But I am motivated to do so now. How many times do we expect God to punish us for wrongs we have committed, but He doesn’t? Instead God offers us Jesus who saves our souls from the true punishment. It wasn’t Valentine’s Day when this happened. It was a random Monday. We can give love; synonym- grace; synonym- forgiveness, everyday of the year. In the middle of our disappointment we can dig deep and show true love. It’s hard I know. But it is possible. When we think of the love Jesus showed us, it puts it into perspective. “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13. When we fight or argue, we aren’t required to lay down our lives for them in that moment, but we act like forgiveness is of that magnitude. We act like giving grace requires us to be hung on a cross. It isn’t. We should give grace and forgiveness much more easily than we do. We should share Valentine’s Day type of love everyday. Better than that, we should show Christ type of love everyday. Amen?

Have a blessed week, and let us all practice sincere love every single day.

💜 Ashli

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