31 Days of Proverbs: Days 26-30

Chapter 26. Much ado about fools. Being called a fool is a terrible insult. In today’s world it’s been used so often, that for many it has lost it’s condescension. But when we look in the past, that word was used to truly offend and make the person feel beyond dumb, below the lowest of intellect. If you think about the true definition of fool, you do not want to ever be considered foolish or called a fool. Chapter 26 breaks down how simple fools are and how destructive it is to trust them or act like them. It defines how low being a fool makes someone. “Don’t answer the foolish arguments of fools, or you will become as foolish as they are.” verse 4. Very true. Have you ever found yourself in disagreement with someone on a topic you are very well versed in? Let’s say baking. You know the ebbs & flow, the chemistry, and the technique of baking. Yet someone wants to disagree with you on something you’ve experienced first hand, several times, and you know what you’re saying is 100% correct. Well how foolish do you become arguing with them? The onlookers start to wonder which of you knows what they are saying and may start to question your character due to how much or in the manner you are arguing the topic. Don’t do it. Verse 4 says do not stoop to a fools level. They want to pull you down and you must recognize it when it’s happening. When it comes to marriage and what God says about a man’s role and a woman’s role. Do not let nonbelievers or weak believers tell you about the world view on gender equality. You know that the husband should lead like Christ leads the church. You know the church should submit, follow, and love Christ fully and that is the wife’s role in a marriage. And you know that the husband should fully love, protect, provide, and guide the wife as Christ does the same for the church. Do not let outsiders confuse you. There is respect from both husband and wife but we know how God wants marriage to be designed. Don’t argue with fools over such things. If you are not sure, please submit a prayer request on The Prayerful Girl page on this site and I will go over more with you and lead you to more material to help you find out.

Chapter 27. “Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth- a stranger, not your own lips.” verse 2. Think about it. If we all praised each other and edified one another as the bible tells us, we would have no need to edify ourselves. If I scratch my husband’s back and he scratches mine, I do not need to scratch my own back, not to mention it would be annoying scratching my own back. If I look out for you and you are looking out for me, why would we need to look out for ourselves? As a married couple we really need to exemplify this verse. At social events, gatherings, etc we need to lift up our husbands. Not only will that build our men up, as they so need because men are insecure contrary to popular belief, but it will be honoring to God. That’s the goal, always seeking to honor God through our marriage and our lives. Talk to your husband if he has put you down in front of others or if you have been embarrassed by him. Then pray about God revealing these things to his heart. But as a wife, I need to always be thinking of ways to edify and encourage my husband.

Chapter 28. “People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy.” verse 13. I’ve learned after only 5 years of marriage that Pete is truly my best friend. Not only has the bible and messages from leaders taught me this, but experiencing life with Pete has taught me he is my best friend. Through becoming best friends, we’ve learned to confess things to each other that we wouldn’t want to admit out loud. Whether it was small things or deeper sins, confess your sins to one another says the Lord. First, of course we need to confess our sins to God the Father asking for forgiveness in Jesus name. Repentance. But James 5:16 tells us to confess our sins to one another – our brothers/sisters in Christ. It has been hard to confess things at times when I know it will hurt my husband. Likewise he has confessed things that he did not want to, but none the less it made us stronger and grow a deeper bond. Each time I’ve confessed to him about over spending or whatever it may be he has surprised me with mercy. I could not believe it! This verse is so real and God’s word does not return void. Even if you confess to your husband and he doesn’t return with mercy, pray about it. Talk to him about this verse 13 and also James 5:16. Open up to each other. Love grows closer through tough times.

Chapter 29. “The godly care about the rights of the poor, the wicked don’t care at all.” verse 7. Throughout 2015 let’s make goals to focus on less fortunate people. But not only focus on them, actively do for them. Orphans, widows, single parents, school drives, backpack drives, food drives, food pantry, clothing donations, etc. The list goes on and on for the things we can do for others. Instead of making it a holiday theme- Back to school or Thanksgiving; let’s give or do for the less fortunate, once a month. Consider it. Remember we discussed making rash decisions in a previous chapter. Consider making a monthly activity for those who are poor in some form. Try to include your husband because then his heart will be blessed and filled with joy as well. It’s easy to say no or get busy when we try to do for others. Pray about how, consider it, and think of verse 7 throughout this new year.

Chapter 30. Remember verse 5 in this chapter, always. Write this down. “Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to Him for protection.” Bring your marriage to God for protection. Bring your thoughts, decisions, faith, love, trust, devotion, plans, and desires to Him for protection. His word proves true. He will guide us like the Shepherd. We are His sheep and He is our provider, protector, leader, and most trusted guidance. Say that out loud. Believe it and act on it. To Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

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