You go before me…

You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
too great for me to understand! (Psalm 139:5-6 NLT)

Tonight at my women’s bible study, the leader reminded us to go back over scripture and truly break it down. I’ve known this, but I rarely do it. Our study is called “A Beautiful Mess.” I know it describes me perfectly. There are a lot of women that feel this way about themselves so luckily I’m not alone. Anyway, like I was saying one of our leaders Dainya, reminded us to dissect scripture so we have a chance to fully process what the Lord is saying. I love Psalms. Who doesn’t? In times of despair, sadness, trials, victory, triumphs, great joy, and rejoicing Psalms brings out raw emotions from us.

In Psalms 139:5-6 there is a relationship with God that cannot be understood by humans. It says, “You go before me and follow me.” The Lord plans our steps, He makes room for us to walk, and He guides us through the path. But then it also says He follows. The Lord protects us from our enemies, He helps us along the way, He closes up loose ends by redeeming our mistakes. Wow, so He is in front guiding and making way, but then He is also in the rear helping us along the way and protecting our backs. How cool is that?

Did you know, God already knew the man you were going to marry? Now that you are married, He is here to guide you as well as help you along the way. Sometimes, some of us, wonder if we married the right person. Did we rush things? Was this the right choice? This man leaves the toothpaste open and out on the counter, what is he thinking? Any of these thoughts, or variances of them can happen once or more than once in the lifetime of our marriages. I find it normal, especially in the beginning.

Remember in these times and at all times, God knew who you were going to marry. He guides us through the path even after we said “I do.” Should you have said yes? Umm yes, because you already said yes. It is done, there is a covenant between you, God, and the man you married. No need to doubt, it is now time to let God lead as well as follow behind.

Let God redeem you and your marriage by seeking Him for all things. He closes up loose ends, remember? He goes before you, clearing the path. He goes behind you protecting your back. He is the great redeemer, Isaiah 47:4. As wives we should keep Psalm 139:5-6 near to us. It is the reminder we need, sometimes daily, to keep us with God’s peace, wisdom, and truth. He placed His hand of blessing on your head. The Lord knows what He is doing, He loves you. Amen.

Our Redeemer—the Lord Almighty is his name—
is the Holy One of Israel. (Isaiah 47:4 NIV)

Be blessed this week girls. Remember His word, Receive His truth, and be Redeemed.

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