“And we know…”

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 (NIV)

This is my first post and I cannot explain in words how excited I am! I’m telling you God moves me and I am actively trying to obey. With that said, here goes…

My husband is always reminding me that people overlook the first 3 words of this foundational scripture. Those first 3 words truly speak to our souls. It is affirmation, confirmation, and assurance in the God who provides. It is our confidence. “And we know…” We know without doubt. Without question. We do not need to wonder if. Remember that God will, in all things work for the good. He will. We should write this down and post it next to our bathroom mirror. Maybe even just the first part “And we know that in all things God…”

That is enough to fill my heart with joy. No matter what argument I just had with my husband or what circumstances we face. As women we have many moments of feeling unsure. Unsure of the future, what choices to make, are we doing enough, are we enough… These moments will come but we can respond with the truth. The truth is that God will work things for good because we are called according to His purpose. Being called according to His purpose means we seek to live a life where we put Him first. Spend time with Christ daily, encourage our husbands to spend time with Him daily, and lean on His word by reading it and digesting it. Through seeking God first, like Matthew 6:33 tells us, we will be in His will. He will reveal to us the matters we need to focus on, the priority of our to-do list, the replenishment of energy we need to complete the day, and the ability to be godly wives.

My favorite line, which I have posted in my bathroom next to the mirror, is taken from one of Lysa Terkeurst’s devotions: God’s will for me is to be a woman that is Joyful, Prayerful, and Thankful. If I follow that advice, which is to try to be joyful in all things, prayerful in all things, and thankful in all things, I will be according to His will. This will guide me to no longer be doubtful in God’s will for something. This will lead me to no longer worry about the future, worry am I a good wife, worry am I enough, or worry about whatever the circumstance.

Remember you know who God is and because you know who He is, then you know that in all things He will work things for good. Have a blessed night my friend.


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